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Module 3: Temperament, personality & parenting styles

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Module 2: You can do this - confidence and discipline

Talking about Early Parenting • 14m

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  • Module 3: Temperament, personality & ...

    Temperament is something we’re born with, it is hard wired and innate. It shapes our nature and behaviour.

    Personality is often learned. It is influenced by a variety of factors such as social, environmental and

    Have you ever said, “ I will never be like my mother, or I will...

  • Module 4: Values and boundaries

    Children thrive within boundaries and feel safe knowing what the rules are and that you will consistently follow through with the consequences if they are broken.

    Kids will look for the ‘path of least resistance’ and can tend to seek the parent that will give the answer or thing that they wan...

  • Module 5: Faith and spirituality

    God intended for the family to be the basic unit in society. Take out God, the family starts to crumble and so does society. We would like for you to consider allowing God into your family.

    As you develop your own faith you can then in turn pass that on to your children.

    For the home is th...